Newshare/Circulate™ is about sustaining journalism

Incubated at the University of Missouri's Reynolds Journalism Institute and supported by The Associated Press, Circulate is nurtured by people who care about journalism and want to create new connections between publishers and citizens who both seek and create news.

Circulate may be likened to a hyperpersonalized news stream, more user-friendly than search, RSS, bookmarking or aggregator sites. It's a way for way for consumers to find news content they want and need.

Circulate also enables social interactions and can be upgraded over time with a wide variety of icon-accessible applications. Users surveyed have repeatedly said they would use such a service that brings them content they care about.

Circulate™ works for you as a news publisher:

By facilitating relationships directly between news users and you as a publisher of authoritative information

Consumers discover Circulate because you promote it in your publications and via your web/mobile services. Once consumers sign up for Newshare/Circulate, your publisher brand becomes their "home base" and is always displayed as part of the service

By exposing your content across web/mobile experiences to a wide, receptive audience

Any story you publish may be recommended to any Newshare/Circulate user in response to that user's specific interests, a connection that might never be made otherwise. As Newshare/Circulate learns more about a consumer, it provides more and more valuable content recommendations, exposing more and more content from participating publishers.

By driving traffic to your Web sites

Every story recommended and shown to a Circulate user carries links back to the original version at the originating publisher site, and creates the opportunity for multiple incremental page views to the copyright owner.

By sharing revenue from high-value, preference-targeted advertising published wherever the consumer views your content

The Newshare/Circulate services pages can be configured to show high-value advertising (including, at your option, local advertising sold by your staff) that is relevant to the user's expressed demographics, preferences and interests. Because of this, it creates value for the user in the same way that search advertising does.

By enabling experimentation with premium content delivery

For publishers who have high-value content that users will pay for on a site subscription, networked subscription or per-item basis, Circulate can work with partner Clickshare Service Corp. to provide transactions, account management and fulfillment functionality.

See also our FAQ answer to "How can Circulate help my business grow?"

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