Circulate™ works for you as a consumer of news:

By traveling with you wherever you go online

Access Newshare/Circulate through your favorite local or topical news service. They will help you sign up. It then provides you with links to news relevant to your daily needs.

By learning your interests and preferences, and becoming an intelligent personal information agent, a sort of "information valet", it helps you to build a "news personality" which you can use and even optionally share with your friends, family or colleagues.

When you first log into Newshare/Circulate, you'll have the opportunity to selection from a set of 15-20 "news identities." Within each identity will be news categories of potential interest. Select the ones you think fit your news personality. Then, gradually, Newshare/Circulate will ask questions and make suggestions for more specific topics and interests. the more then system learns about you the better it can find you news and information you want and need. But not within the help of editors and news curators at your home-based news service, who will also make suggestions, point to links and developments. It's an intelligent collaboration of software engineeers and skilled editors.

By enabling quick, convenient social functionality

In production versions, Newshare/Circulate will enable you to share content recommendations with your friends on social networks, and to comment on and discuss stories and topics. Think of Newshare/Circulate as your news social network.

By delivering preference-targeted advertising useful to you

Online advertising often comes when you don't want it and doesn't seem relevant to you. But Newshare/Circulate, with you permission, may begin to match advertising content with your news personality and deliver messages and alerts actually useful and interesting to you. Over time, it could help you to have direct interactions with advertisers you like, and even to purchase merchandise and services directly from them.

By optionally enabling one-account access to premium content across the Web

Not everything on the Web is free. If you want to purchase content for which publishers charge, Circulate aims to make it possible for you to pay for it in a simple way so you avoid the need for accounts and registrations at multiple sites.

By providing robust privacy protection, always under the your control

You own the hints and interests in your Newshare/Circulate news personality. As Newshare/Circulate advances, you'll be able to access it at any time; can change it, add to it, delete it. If you delete something, it's gone forever.

By offering a wide variety of additional features over time

CircLabs will listen closely to early users, seeking ideas for benefits and applications that simplify and enhance your online experience.

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